Deploying a play 1.2.1 application with Scala on playapps?

I love It makes deploying applications a pleasurable experience and the support is stellar.

For a new project, I had decided to use play 1.2.1 but was having trouble deploying it on I opened a case on their support site and pretty soon Guillaume had deployed a new version (1.4) of the playpps module. Super!

The only caveat is that you do not need to declare your modules in dependencies.yml or in application.conf. You will have to move the modules you want into your applications module directory. So, lets say, you're using Scala and your application is fooapp. You'd need to:

  1. Copy $PLAY_HOME/modules/playapps-1.4 into fooapp/modules directory
  2. Copy $PLAY_HOME/modules/scala-0.9 nto fooapp/modules directory
  3. Execute "play playapps:deploy"