OAuth 2.0 Authorization Grants

This post summarizes the four kinds of authorization grants supported by OAuth 2.0 specification: Authorization code Usage: For accessing user specific data. Stack: Requires a server. The app interface could be pretty much anything. Flow: OAuth2 dance between you app, your server and their server. Security: High. The access… Continue reading

Setup Live Edit in IntelliJ IDEA

It has been around for a bit but I finally got to try the Live Edit feature in Intellij IDEA. Live Edit lets you immediately see your UI code changes in the browser. If you're editing HTML/CSS/Javascript you can see your changes refelected immediately in the browser; as… Continue reading

Where the mem at?

This post is for application developers who need to figure out where memory is going on a server. An application service typically run as a server process; which in turn relies on the OS kernel. A process eats memory; and so does the OS kernel. The amount of memory that… Continue reading